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7 Ways on How to Exercise With Your Kids

Life in this present time can feel busier than ever. More and more bills seem to appear out of thin air and time seems non-existent. In this fast changing pace of the world, we never feel like the ticker is on our side. The little habits for your kids that are good for them are often overlooked because of the run of the mill excuses, “too busy” or “no time.” Well, for everyone that feels that way sometimes, it can be a lot easier than that. Make exercising with your kids fun and not so much of a chore.

1. Music to your ears. Put on your favorite song (age appropriate of course) on the speakers. Dance the day away with your kids! Show them those moves you used to bust out in high school.

2. Play soccer. Grab a soccer ball and head to a nearby park. Take turns chasing each other with the ball.  Children love soccer practice.

3. Video games. There are so many virtual games out there now from tennis, ping pong to bowling. Figure out what interests your child the most and challenge them! Winner gets an extra cookie.  Continue reading


Do’s and Don’ts For New Parents


It’s the beginning of a new chapter in your life and everything just has to be perfect. I get it. The nerves from new parents realizing how important this really is, are at maximum capacity. Raising the child they always dreamed of..  Is not easy.  If it was easy, this entire universe would be nothing but happiness with the sun shining and pots of gold at the end of each rainbow you see. But, unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

Here’s a helpful list of Do’s and Don’ts for new parents:

1. DO take care of your personal hygiene. We get so ahead of ourselves raising our new born, that we forget how to manage our own health and well-being. Brush your teeth every once in a while. Shower in the sink if you have to.

2. DON’T raise your voice out of frustration. Emotions can be running high and you were having the crappiest day known to mankind. It doesn’t give you an excuse to shout at anyone. Happens to the best of us. Meditate upon the wee hours of waking up for a few minutes. Practice the art of relaxation.

3. DO photograph as many moments as you can. Be it from your iPhone, DSLR, or disposable camera. Pictures can mean a thousand words and if not, more. Reminiscing with your child as they get older, you wouldn’t believe the adoring reactions of seeing their own baby pictures for the first time.

4. DON’T neglect the safety of your toddler. Beware of any smaller toys or items that may cause choking. That Hot Wheels race car might look harmless to you but is considered a hazard to young babies. Read the boxes of toys before purchasing. Many will give you the appropriate age the toys are geared towards.

5. DO be careful when holding your child. Support will be needed for their head and neck, as they are still very weak and not able to hold their own weight. The same rules apply for when you carry or pick them up.

Do you have any of your own helpful Do’s and Don’ts for new parents?

Post them in the comments below!