7 Ways on How to Exercise With Your Kids

Life in this present time can feel busier than ever. More and more bills seem to appear out of thin air and time seems non-existent. In this fast changing pace of the world, we never feel like the ticker is on our side. The little habits for your kids that are good for them are often overlooked because of the run of the mill excuses, “too busy” or “no time.” Well, for everyone that feels that way sometimes, it can be a lot easier than that. Make exercising with your kids fun and not so much of a chore.

1. Music to your ears. Put on your favorite song (age appropriate of course) on the speakers. Dance the day away with your kids! Show them those moves you used to bust out in high school.

2. Play soccer. Grab a soccer ball and head to a nearby park. Take turns chasing each other with the ball.  Children love soccer practice.

3. Video games. There are so many virtual games out there now from tennis, ping pong to bowling. Figure out what interests your child the most and challenge them! Winner gets an extra cookie. 

4. Playgrounds. What can be better than reminiscing of the days of your childhood while creating new memories for your new born? I’d avoid the dizzy rides though (can’t spin like I used to).

5. Work Out Video. Open a YouTube exercise video or insert that work out DVD. Do your own workouts while the kids try to imitate your amusing efforts.

6. Bubble Wrap. Ahh, good ole bubble wrap. Collect a couple rolls for a snowy and rainy days. Have a contest for who can pop the most in 30 seconds.

7. Throw a Frisbee. Teach the kiddo how to catch, throw a Frisbee around and how to not get hit in the face (my face hurts still).

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