Be The Leader, Strong Fathers.


Are you a leader? This next topic is near and dear to my heart, and that topic is Leadership. Being a leader isn’t always what we think it is. What I mean is, in order to be an effective leader one of the biggest personal traits that you have to possess is the ability to listen and make good decisions.  Even more so when the Army you are leading is your family, or child.

Maybe it’s the modern society, or maybe it’s the fact that since the baby-boomer generation the role of Father’s has been under attack. Whatever it might be, strong fathers are still needed.

Statistically speaking, it’s said that 90% of Male prison inmates grew up without a father. I’ve pondered at just why that is. Not the stats, but why it was that fathers left, and from what I can gather, it has to do with divorce, and a failed court system.

We all know that this is not right, that it takes both parents to raise a psychologically healthy child. And it is sad when a child is not given that option. So again I ask, are you a leader?

There has been a role reversal in todays culture, that says, Men are no longer the leaders of the family. And the family structure has all together been changed. But what seems to be a design, is that, indeed men are made to be leaders.

I don’t mean this is a sexist way, No. What I mean, is that somewhere within us, fundamentally we were the hunters. And while society has changed, and the family model shifted, children are still in need of strong fathers.

Let’s be clear: Being a Leader to your child isn’t about status, or position, Nor is it about how much you earn, or what car you drive, or even if you have a car, or job for that matter. These things are all well and good. But in being a leadership, those things hold no value.

Did I just say that? Yes, yes I did. What I mean is, by looking at the current state of the World, how messed up it is, what do those things gain you? If we look at the current economy and the record job loss since 2008, we see many people struggling to make ends meet, to survive at all.

And this is where being a strong Father and leader truly matters. Are you able to provide love and support to your children, Still feed them even if that means you miss a few meals yourself? Are you able to engage them on their level? If you are able to do these things with little, or no resources, then I applaud you. Welcome to the club.

But just in case your struggling, here are a few tips that might help you along the way:

1. Children want your time, more than your wallet. They want a parent to be present with them, to love on them, play with them, take care of them. Buying your kids something nice now and then is great, but it’s not love. 

2. If you are struggling to make ends meet, that Okay, welcome to a whole new club. Dollar stores are magic. Feel free to give your kids $5.00 to get anything they want at the dollar store, they will love it, and it teaches them value. 

3. Can you live without? Cheaper? Smaller? We get so hung up on having the best of the best. Right now, I am dirt poor, my watch is dead and I am forgoing buying another one, and cell phone for that matter. But you know what, that’s Okay. I spend more on the little things with my daughter. And If we can scale back and find a way to be at home more often with them, then all the better.

4. Once we get those basics down, being strong for our children in wealth or poverty, teaching our children right from wrong, and showing them that they are important to us. All those other things, the cars, jobs, and material possessions are seen in a whole new light, make it count.

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